About Lance

Lance Nicoll is a wedding photographer with a background in editorial photography and traditional fine arts. He also has a passion for natural light film photography, story telling, the world abroad and the people in it.

His approach to wedding photography revolves around making an emotional connection with the unique story of each wedding day.

Lance has also enjoyed the opportunity to teach college courses in photography for the last several years and has been a contributor for some of the world’s largest photography blogs and resources.

“The greatest gift that our clients give us is their trust. It is something I take very seriously and it is only because of our clients that we are able to pursue our dream and also able to travel the world telling stories through photography and making lifelong memories along the way.”

Lance’s work has been featured in publications such as:

Our Story

For most native New Orleanians, 2005 is synonymous with the tragic life changing events that forever changed our city. For me 2005 was also one of my most life altering years but for far different reasons.

In 2002 I began my undergraduate studies at Tulane University. I began in Architecture, in part due to a love for the creative arts and in part as homage to the greatest man I’ve had the honor of knowing, my grandfather. After almost two years in it became apparent that regardless of the hours and nights spent at my desk in our studio I couldn’t make my way to the top of our class. I was surviving but not thriving which was incredibly disheartening.

It was in the tail end my Fall semester in 2004 that I met an eventual mentor who I forever am in debt to. An instructor whom I had never met and who had never met me, requested a meeting with me. This professor who held degree’s in Architecture, Fine Arts, and Psychology presented to me my academics records from college and high school, my college application, and my test scores. She continued to tell me that she had been watching. Watching how I worked, how I thought, and how I created; and presented that I had the thought process of an artist not a designer. That in her opinion I was in the wrong place. It was a blow but at the same time I was taken aback that someone had invested so much time and insight into me when they had no obligation to do so. Professor Gumard suggested to just try one semester in fine arts and at worst case scennario I had lost one semester but at best I had found my place. We have stayed in touch since.

It was a few short weeks into the Spring of 2005 that I knew, unequivocally, that I had found a home. It was only a few weeks later during that very same Spring, that I went on the first date with my now wife and while the 2nd half of that same year was marked with the historical tragedy we’re all familiar with, for me 2005 is and always will be one of the best years of my life.