Do you travel and what are your travel fees?

Yes! We love to travel and we love our destination clients. There is no flat or additional travel fee. For Destination Weddings we require that travel expenses and accommodations be covered by the client. We also request a per diem to cover meals and incidentals. We are also more than happy to travel and bring our own 2nd or even 3rd shooters along with us, to accommodate the needs of all of our clients. 

What is the Difference Between the Standard Collection Albums and Black Label Albums?

Our Standard Collection Albums are all Flush Mount and Press Printed books with many beautiful cover and finishing options. Our Black Label Albums beautifully and custom crafted leather albums available in single leather and two tone leather. They offer the highest quality and also many special touches like photo cutout covers, art papers, imprinting  and the ability to include both Flush printing and Matted images in the same book..

What is the Difference Between Flush Mount Albums and Matted Albums?

Flush Mount Albums include images that are printed directly onto the surface much like a book, they offer beautiful quality images and the ability to print seamlessly through entire spreads. Matted Albums are just that albums with matts, meaning the images are matted into the book, this is more traditional style of album design.

Do you accept shot lists?

YES! Of Course, we love shot lists, they give us a great insight to what the bride is thinking and wanting from here wedding photography. We use them as a reference point as we go through the day tell the story of your amazing wedding day. We also remind all of our clients that while we accept and like receiving a shot list, we can never guarantee any particular image or shot do to unforeseen circumstances like weather, timing, and that relative that keeps jumping in front of my camera, haha!

Do you recommend we do a "First Look"?

As a photographer, yes, I love shooting First Looks, they make for some beautiful and truly emotional images. The other huge benefit of doing a First Look, is the option of completing group formals prior to the ceremony. On the other hand, I completely understand not doing, I myself elected to stay traditional at my own wedding.

What is your "Style"?

We will be addressing this in our upcoming Q&A Youtube Video. But to give a brief answer, We are a Fine Art Wedding Photography studio, but what does that really mean. Fine Art Wedding photography is often associated with 3 things: formal education, film photography, and the editorial approach to styling and composing imagery.

We check off about 2 and 1/2 of those 3 boxes. We are formally trained in fine arts education, we do take an editorial and styled approach, but we shoot digital most of the time. Its part of whey we are a contemporary fine art studio, the digital format allows us to integrate our images with modern technology in order to create things like cinema graphs and also shoot successfully in low light situations.

Our approach also includes elements of photojournalism and elements of traditional photography with major influences from fashion and commercial photography. More importantly I would say my style is about creating beautiful and creative images, images that capture the quite elegance of life's most intimate and amazing moments.

If I had to sum up my style in four words it would be: BEAUTIFUL , SOPHISTICATED, WHIMSICAL, and EMOTIONAL.

Do you require a retainer to hold our date?

Yes, in order to complete the booking and hold your date, we require a $1,000 retainer fee, with the remainder of the balance due within 10 days of the wedding date. 


I have a really great/amazing/creative/crazy idea for a portrait session is this something we can do and how?

YEP! We love when our clients come to us with a great concepts for their shoot and also when they work with us to come up with a unique concept. We are willing to go as big you want. We can recommend stylist, hair and makeup, locations, etc for any idea you may have. Clients are responsible for any costs related to the shoot.

In your opinion what is the best way to ensure that things go smoothly on our wedding day?

I think the biggest thing for me and most wedding photographers is time. Time is always a very valuable commodity on a wedding day. We spend a lot of time planning and scouting for our weddings to ensure things go as smoothly as possible and more importantly so when things fall off schedule a bit we are prepared. But by planning, having a schedule, and building in time for specific portions of the photography, like the formals, bride and groom portraits, first look, etc it helps to ensure that things go just a bit smoother.

How many images do you include with you Engagement/Bridal Sessions and for a Wedding Day?

Every wedding and portrait session is different. On Average for a 7 to 8 hour wedding we generally deliver 700-900 edited images. For a portrait session it can vary. So sessions are all about getting that one perfect shot for that great concept and others are more about the interaction between the couple. Portrait session can produce anywhere between 75 to 100 final images.

What is your normal turnaround time?

Our Average turnaround time on wedding and engagement photos is 4 weeks. During most months and 5 weeks during peek months like October and November.

Do you offer In-House Printing?

Yes, we offer our clients an array of printing options from Individual prints to Ready-To-Hang Canvas, Framed Prints, and even Metal prints. We also offer an array of sizes from 4x6 to 20x30. All of our Prints are color corrected and professionally printed.




I hope we ansered all of your questions! Please, let us know if you have any questions that we haven't answered. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask anything.