Shadia + Tareq: The Engagement

Shadia and Tareq are to be wed in New Jersey early this fall. Our engagement session was my first time meeting both Shadia and Tareq. Being that Shadia lives New Orleans and Tareq lives in New Jersey, Tareq's visit for engagements was one of their cherished trips and time for them to spend together. Their beautiful traditions do not allow for the couple to spend much time exclusively together and what I witnessed during our time together was the upmost refreshing joy, giddiness, and love. The couple has a certain sense of calm among them that made creating imagery for them so easy. Our photo session was unique in that it was actually a short mini-session that also included a video wedding announcement session from our talented friends at Lonely Eskimo Productions. Me and Kelly send our best wishes to Shadia on her new life in New Jersey and also to Shadia and Tareq on their new life together with all the joys that come from growing in love together.