About Lance

I am an art school graduate with a masters in graphic design, fortunate to have found my calling as a photographer and story teller. I have been shaped by the city I grew up in, where the only separation between friend and stranger is a hello that is quick to come. I feel inspired by impermanence and am most content when I find myself truly present in the moment. My greatest blessing is my calling as a father and husband where I feel empowered by the responsibility of shaping our daughter's world view and self-view.

I am dedicated to my craft, to my family, to personal growth, and to leaving the world just a little bit better than how I found it. Through the gift of trust that our clients give us, I am able to create unfading windows into once-in-a-lifetime memories, connect with beautiful moments, and create images that tell timeless stories. 

“He has a great ability to see the beauty is so many little details and creates amazing
memories to cherish for a lifetime. "


“We couldn't be any happier. Our photos are works of art."

Authentically Crafted Imagery

Fine Art Wedding Photography places an emphasis on beauty and elegant creativity. While fine art photography is a documentary style of artistic story telling it also means we will help with direction and styling images that seek to creatively editorialize the day. Artistic editorial photography seeks to provide a sense of not just what a day looked like but how it felt - the essence of each moment and detail. As a fine art storytellers we want our couples to find their photos in 20, 30, 40 yearsand feel then exactly how they did on their wedding day.

Our background in fine arts and traditional film photography aid in our approach. With the inclusion of Film & Digital Photography, we take advantage of the benefits of both mediums. Fine Art Wedding Photography is for brides and grooms who seek artistically expressive images that capture the emotion of their wedding, who want creative images that often do not fit the traditional and expected, and who seek emotive imagery that captures the details and essence of their wedding.

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